Redundant? Looking for a Job?

All our member job clubs hold regular weekly meetings, some during the day, some in the evening (go to links in the sidebar). All give a set of core workshops covering the main skills needed for a successful job search including:

  • Coping with the practicalities and emotional aspects of redundancy
  • "Tell Me About Yourself" - honing a short response to this frequently asked question
  • Preparing a CV that 'sells' your capabilities in the best way
  • Career choices - alternatives to a full time job
  • Working with recruiters and agencies
  • Networking and the hidden job market
  • Telephone techniques, including a practical role play session
  • Preparation for interview and how to present yourself and cope with awkward questions

In addition, each club offers some different topics, depending on the specialities of their volunteers. Examples include:

  • Being your own boss - starting a business, franchising
  • Marketing yourself on the internet, inculding making the best use of LinkedIn
  • Influencing skills - how to achieve positive results
  • The written word - how to communicate effectively by email or letter

The meetings also give opportunities for networking, sharing ideas, and individual support by one of our experienced volunteers.

Additional Services

Useful Resources

The web contains many resources useful to job seekers. Our individual clubs often have members-only pages giving useful links, especially to local organizations.Typically each job club will provide or circulate information on local job fairs, networking opportunities, training and learning options.

These vary from club to club but typically include:

  • Resources - presentation hand-outs, online resources in members-only areas
  • LinkedIn discussion group - for sharing information on job opportunities
  • Interview video practice - role-play rehearsing for a forthcoming interview
  • Weekly emails - keeping members informed, passing on useful information, details of events and job vacancies and other opportunities
  • Individual coaching - more in-depth one-on-one session with individuals about improving their job search.

What Job Seekers Say About Us

Job seeking can be a lonely activity. Joining one of our job clubs gives job seekers the opportunity to network, share information and support each other. Even if you think you know how to land a job (e.g. it was easy last time you did it!) our members cite positive benefits from the camraderie of their colleagues. Here are some comments that successful job seekers tell us when they leave us (because they have landed a new job!):

  • "You realise that you were not unemployed because you were incapable; just in the wrong place at the wrong time"
  • "The atmosphere and support was just what I needed to refocus my job search activities"
  • "It enabled me to meet other people in a similar position and the opportunity to discuss various topics"
  • "I found the sessions and the support from the volunteers very helpful and enabled me to regain my confidence and update my CV"
  • "I liked the 'menu' of services allowing the individual to tailor to their own needs, without pressure to attend every week. The group discussion and networking opportunities are especially useful"
  • "I gained effective advice on CVs, application and interview techniques and the chance to meet others in the same boat, and to share experiences".

How To Join

Rather than sit alone at home in front of a terminal applying for jobs, why not join your local job club? All you have to do is to come along to a meeting and complete and sign an Application Form. To join your local job club, visit their website. This gives joining instructions and details of their current programme:


There is no charge to become a member. Only by joining can you attend meetings and access the range of services on offer.

Still Have Some Questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact one of the job clubs.

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This page last updated on 22nd February 2016

Since 2007 our clubs have supported over 5,000 jobseekers
Joining one of our job clubs is free and can help you get back into work.

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