FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I am a job seeker and I missed the start of the programme. Can I join mid-way?"
A. Certainly. That's when most people join! Although each session (typically 13 weeks goes through a natural job seeking cycle, you cannot choose when you will be made redundant. We make every effort to help people who join mid-way to ensure that have the essentials of what they have missed.

Q. "I imagine the weekly workshops to be very formal?"
A. The meetings are structured. However, we are friendly and informal - dress code at most clubs is smart casual or casual; this isn't like a job interview, but if you do turn up in a smart suit you won't be turned away - we know you will have just come from or are about to go to meet a prospective employer!

Q. "Is it really completely free of charge?
A. Absolutely. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and volunteers.

Q. "Who funds you; how can you deliver your services for free?"
A. We were initially funded by the Branshaw Foundation. Although we have some part-time paid administrators, our volunteers give their time for free. We do rely on various grants and funds from various sources, including charities and local/national government programmes. As long as we can continue to attract funding, we will continue to operate. In fact, we'd rather shut down rather than charge for our services.

Q. "Are you a public sector agency?"
A. No - we are completely independent, though we do have relationships with other public sector bodies involved with training, career planning, employment and business start-ups. For example, our clubs have 'intermediary status' with Jobcentre Plus which means that they are happy to refer jobseekers to us. About half our job seekers come to us via this route.

Q. "Why are your services needed? Surely there are enough public sector 'get into work' programmes or private companies that fill the need?
A. That's what you might be led to believe. However, our experience is that government programmes typically target the younger, less experienced and long-term unemployed. The only routes for senior professionals are typically paid-for services. While these can be helpful, they can be expensive. Our job seekers value our free services - even those who pay for other services find our activites complement (and are often better) than those they pay for.

Q. "Are you a charity?"
A. Yes - the Foundation for Job Seekers is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Our registered charity number is 1136534 and the company is registered in England and Wales no. 07193607. You can read full details and annual accounts at the Charity Commission website. The organizational structure of our member job clubs varies. All are also registered charities in their own right, some as Charitable Companies Limited by Guarantee, while others use the recently introduced Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Important Notice - The information and advice given on this website or by our volunteers is given in good faith. No responsibility whatsoever shall attach to Careers Springboard West Berkshire or any person acting on its behalf for any actions taken by any person acting on this information or advice.

This page last updated on 22nd February 2016

What people say about us:

"The atmosphere and support was just what I needed to refocus my job search activities"

"I found the sessions and the support from the volunteers very helpful and enabled me to regain my confidence and update my CV"

"I liked the 'menu' of services allowing the individual to tailor to their own needs, without pressure to attend every week. The group discussion and networking opportunities are especially useful"

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