Who We Are

The Foundation for Jobseekers is the umbrella organization which supports getting people back to work at four volunteer-led job clubs. Jobseekers have an average age of fifty and face persistent age discrimination. Although age discrimination is useful, changing established cultures takes time and our jobseekers encounter significant recruitment discrimination, plus the challenges derived from their own lack of current knowledge and understanding about today's job market.

The Foundation's focus area is Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, though our member clubs do attract job seekers from adjacent counties, such as Hampshire and Oxfordshire. As a co-ordinating body the Foundation provides the following services to its member job clubs:

  • Marketing the job clubs to potential jobseekers and other beneficiaries
  • Ensuring a consistent flow of new volunteers to help jobseekers
  • Organizing training events for new and existing volunteers
  • Developing partnerships with local government and organizations which assist older workers
  • Supporting the weekly job search programmes of the job clubs which both deliver information and advice
  • Sharing best practice and resources between the job clubs
  • Maintaining a job club toolkit that provides a quality standard for the operation of job clubs and underpins the training of new volunteers
  • Raising the profile of the needs of redundant older managers
  • Supporting fundraising activities for all member clubs to cover their premises, marketing, insurance and administration costs.


The Foundation is constituted as a Charity Limited by Guarantee (Charity No. 1136534). Its members are the volunteer chairmen of the four job clubs. Each member takes responsibility for one or more activites of the Foundation on behalf of all job clubs. For example, Careers Springboard West Berkshire is responsible for this website.

Important Notice - The information a0nd advice given on this website or by our volunteers is given in good faith. No responsibility whatsoever shall attach to Careers Springboard West Berkshire or any person acting on its behalf for any actions taken by any person acting on this information or advice.

This page last updated on 22nd February 2016


The 80 page job club toolkit provide all the information to enable a new job club to set up and run an effective operation

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