Helping Jobseekers Back Into Work

The Foundation for Jobseekers is a network of executive job clubs based in the Thames Valley. Founded in 2010 it is a registered Charity and took over the work of the former Thames Valley Executive Job Club Network. Its aim is to assist unemployed professionals and experienced managers to return to work. Each of the job clubs offers:

  • Weekly sessions, including workshops on job seeking and career change planning
  • Self-help and networking activities
  • One-to-one help on CVs, interview techniques and other individual needs
  • Guidance and information resources, either via email or the club's individual websites
  • Telephone and other support in between the weekly meetings

Membership is free to job seekers. The Foundation is grateful to various charities, and funding bodies that allow it to carry out its useful work.

Our Job Clubs

If you live in the Thames Valley, there are four executive job clubs that support job seekers. Each is run by a group of experienced volunteers. If you are a job seeker, contact the individual job club most convenient to you from the list below:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the job clubs now also use Zoom for some or all of their meetings.

How We Operate

The Foundation provides a forum for its member job clubs to share experiences and co-ordinate jointly needed tasks. It does undertake a few tasks directly such as offering training for volunteers and job club officers.

Day-to-day it is the individual job clubs that provide help and assistance to job seekers. If you are a job seeker, we encourage you to contact whichever of our job clubs is most convenient for you (see links in left hand panel).

Our Stakeholders

First and foremost:

  • Job Seekers - The aim of each job club is to help job seekers, particularly those who have been made redundant. They do this through weekly workshops covering the whole range of job-seeking skills, combined with individual 1-on-1 support.

Our job clubs are also keen to continue to develop closer ties with various stakeholders, including:

  • Volunteers - New volunteers always welcome; existing volunteers are typically from management or HR backgrounds - many have been made redundant themselves. The Foundation runs regular networking and training events for volunteers.
  • Employers - Opportunities to point those who are made redundant to one of our clubs; also opportunities for CSR (corporate social responsibility), sponsorship and employee development (through volunteering).
  • Referral bodies - Many jobseekers are pointed in our direction through other support agencies, such as Jobcentre Plus. We keep such bodies updated with our programme.
  • Funding bodies - Our funds come from a mix of public and private sources. They are kept informed of our activities and results through newsletters and various reporting mechanisms.
  • Alumni - Many former jobseekers keep in touch by notifying us of job vacancies at their organisations, and through volunteering.
  • Other supporters - Each job club has relationships with various supporters, such as those who can provide complementary services for our job seekers.

Go to our supporters pages to find out more about some of these ways of supporting us.

For job seeking help, further information, or to get involved with our work, please contact your local job club - see contacts page for details.

Also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

This page last updated on 9th January 2023

Important Notice - The information and advice given on this website or by our volunteers is given in good faith. No responsibility whatsoever shall attach to Careers Springboard West Berkshire or any person acting on its behalf for any actions taken by any person acting on this information or advice.

Since 2007 our clubs have supported over 5,000 jobseekers

We provide free help and support to fill the gap in public sector provision for more experienced and senior employees

Our member clubs are run by volunteers, many of whom have themselves been made redundant in their career

Member Job Clubs

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